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What is Project Birdie?

Project Birdie is SEO done differently. We don’t pump out content for the sake of content and we don’t just tell you your metrics are up because that’s what you want to hear. Project Birdie’s SEO is founded on data-driven content, U/X that works and websites that convert. 

Your team is looking for a high value SEO strategy, not a cut and paste, templated workflow with yes men and useless concepts. Through years of hands on SEO success, Project Birdie works with your team to define exactly what makes your company great. From there we target the keywords and patterns that makes your market tick, we drive customers onto your website and give them the opportunity to convert. No fluff. No bullshit. Better SEO.

in 2023 Google dominated the Search Engine Market with a total share of:
0 %
Google's mobile daily searches amount to:
0 %
Google is the world's largest advertising agency with daily searches topping out at
0 Billion

Founded in:

2023, Sam Inden, wanted to create SEO founded on successful content, not bloated blogs and slow websites.


Sam is an obsessive creative, with a passion for designing websites. he's also even produced 5 short films and multiple video commercial productions.
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Sam has over 5+ Years in SEO, with experience as a marketing and SEO director and in agencies.


Google changes its algorithm often and always. Experience in SEO is the best preparation for this type of volatility.
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At Project Birdie we track what's important, not what looks good.


Communication is a pillar of our SEO strategy. We want you to know everything and we're always available to chat.
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Agencies and large SEO providers promise work but often deliver their content late. Not Project Birdie.

On Time All The Time

If we're late you're late and we don't like that. Project Birdie is committed to getting our work in your hands as soon as possible.
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