Brewing Up Local SEO for Coffee Shops

SEO for Coffee Shops!

Is your coffee shop struggling to get the word out about new events, products or even just general information? Does it seem like your local SEO in Richmond, VA or anywhere for that matter makes the competition seem even bigger than it actually is? Marketing for coffee shops, or any fast paced restaurant is crucial for getting information out to your local customers and ones that don’t know you’re in their area yet. Let’s go over a few guidelines for why seo and coffee shops go together like Espresso and steamed milk.

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Benefits of SEO for Coffee Shop’s Beyond Ranking Well


SEO is a powerful tool to get your name recognized on Google more often. In its best form, proper local SEO can be like paying top dollar for premium billboards and digital displays. If done well, you’ll be able to showcase your name in all the areas you might pay digital advertising bucks for but for much, much less. But you must understand, what I described above is the end goal. You’ll only be able to maximize Google if you have a well rounded digital marketing approach and a great website. Here are a few benefits a solid marketing foundation and full scope SEO approach will give you:


  1. A fast, clean website

  2. An honest and clear voice in all content on your website and other social accounts

  3. Social Media accounts are streamlined w/ on-brand messaging across the board

  4. A neat and tidy Google My Business profile with correct information

  5. Citations that are correct everywhere! 

  6. Much, much more. Your brand will look like the way your brand should look!

Google My Business Equals Strong Local SEO


While not the end all be all, Google has introduced too many new features to ignore your Google My Business profile. For one, SERP features have grown increasingly relevant for local SEO. For one, without a GMB (Google My Business) profile, you most likely won’t land on any Map pack rankings. These are key to attracting visitors when they search using a query like, “Coffee shop near me.” or “Coffee Shop Richmond VA”. While some of these map pack ranks are highly location based, without a solid GMB, you won’t land for any of those queries. 


Using your Google My Business to boost your local SEO for your coffee shop means making sure your information is correct and up to date and your business is verified. By keeping the GMB concurrent with your website information (and the rest of your citations) Google will reward you for making the customers shopping experience easier.  

Here's an example of a Map Pack

Copywriting and SEO Strategy for Coffee Shops


Let’s use for example Richmond, VA and the amazing coffee shops here. We’ve got Blanchards, Roastology, Blackhand, Grit, Rostov’s, Stir Crazy and many more! These business all brew great coffee and have some sweet options as far as food or other merchandise goes. So how does Google differentiate which should be ranked #1. Google is in the business of advertising and wants to show the best to reflect their own services. 


For starters, all of these businesses have great GMB profiles with photos, reviews, correct hours and contact information. But they also have awesome websites with information and keywords that match their sales intent. What does that mean? Take a look here for a guide on general SEO terms so you can understand the tenets of keywords and copywriting. Once you’ve done that let’s continue and talk copywriting and local SEO for your coffee shop.


Your copy should include keywords targeted to the types of customers you want. For example, Coffee shop SEO should focus on people who are looking for their next cup of coffee. But what kind of coffee experience are they having? The general, “Coffee near me” is often oversaturated and often difficult to rank well for so your copywriting journey needs to be thought out before any writing can be done. Here are some questions that might lead to some copywriting ideas:


  • What kind of coffee do we serve? 

    • Is it fancy or simple and no pressure?

  • Do we serve food and if so what kind of food?

    • Breakfast, lunch and maybe something more?

    • Baked Goods with your coffee?

  • What’s the atmosphere of your coffee shop? 

    • Our Local SEO always focuses on branding yourself as much as possible so you can target customers with as much precision as possible.

  • Do we work with other brands around town? If so who and why?


These are just a few ways to conjure up writing ideas. So how do we use these ideas to generate great SEO based copywriting for your coffee shop? 


Copywriting should reflect your marketing strategy. If the above questions sparked something in your brain, they probably should be implemented across the board for your brand. Instagram, Facebook, Youtube you name it. Then, let’s mimic this on the copy on your homepage, blogs, product descriptions and anywhere else copy can fit on your website. You won’t want to smush copy places where it doesn’t belong but you should get into anywhere it fits. That’s the easiest way for Google to learn about your coffee shop!



Here's an example of a strong website

Unpacking Our Local SEO for Coffee Shops Guide

That’s a lot and we’ve only just visited the tip of the iceberg. If you’ve got a lot of time on your hands, make sure your coffee shop marketing strategy is firing on all cylinders. Leave no spaces untouched from your website to your socials. SEO is a sum of a lot of parts and in the end it will leave your brand looking as good as ever. If you don’t have a lot of time, give us a shout! We have plenty of time and lots of experience in brewing up the perfect coffee shop seo strategy for you. Good luck!

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Sam Inden

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