Competitive Marketing for Breweries

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You already brew really good beer, That means the hard part is already done and now you just have to let people know about it. To many, that can be daunting, but learning competitive marketing for breweries in Richmond, VA and beyond is as simple as boiling, fermenting and bottling your beer. 

Types of Marketing for Breweries

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SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

SEO is incredibly important and one of the reasons so many new breweries are able to thrive in the digital age of fast information. Firstly, you must have a solid website. Without a website, you can’t reach potential customers looking for their next great beer. SEO for Breweries in Richmond, VA is about building out your digital identity through proper website structure and keyword rich content. For more information on SEO check out our free PDF SEO guides, here!

Social Media

It may seem obvious that digital marketing for breweries would include social media, but discussing it is super important. If you are doing any sort of paid advertising, you must capitalize on that demand where potential customers are looking! Avenues like Instagram, Tik Tok and Facebook are the obvious decisions when it comes to nabbing new customers. The golden rule is always creating new, fresh content that matches your current advertising. Build the hype and then capitalize on it for the most competitive marketing for your brewery.

Web Design

If your brewery doesn’t already have great web design you’re at a severe disadvantage. Build a website for your brewery that’s aligned with your products and the people that make your business special. Build your brand and then build a website around it. From there you can use SEO for breweries to maximize viewership and build a new audience so they can taste your brews!

Sam Inden

Sam Inden

Sam is the founder and lead writer at Project Birdie. He has over 5+ years of hands on SEO experience and over 10 years of web design history. He loves disc golf, seltzer, his dogs and warm weather

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