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Digital Marketing

Looking for Digital Marketing in Richmond, VA?

Digital Marketing can be daunting and your time is limited. Project Birdie works in the same way your favorite restaurant does. You’re hungry for clicks and conversions and we deliver the results. Whether it’s planning a Google Ad campaign in Richmond, VA or you’re looking to expand your social presence across the nation, we’ve got the tools and over 5+ years of experience in the digital advertising space to get the job done. Looking to build out an awesome website with SEO? Head over to our SEO Products and Services page, here, to learn more about how we can help grow your organic presence. 

Google Ads

Google is not your friend. Google is a business with a taste for the cold, hard cash you've earned. Why waste your money with an agency that plays the guessing game with your adds? Project Birdie deep dives the latest keywords to make sure you're bidding on the right keywords so the right customers get you leads.

Social Media

Gen Z called your landline and said you don't understand social media. That very well may be true if you're paying for impressions and not clicks and leads. Project Birdie knows where and when to plan your social ads on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and more so you can worry about what matters most.

Affiliates & Beyond

Reaching new users from every angle is imperative in the modern age of the internet. It's not enough to simply post your own blogs and reviews anymore. Project Birdie's affiliate marketing strategies find you the right brands and influencers to get your product in front of new customers you didn't know you had.

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