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Free is good, right? Project Birdie now offers free downloadable SEO guides (in PDF) as well as a FREE MONTH OF SERVICE with no strings attached. Yes, you read that right. Project Birdie is offering your team SEO services at no cost at all. Why? Because we trust that you’ll love what we do so much that you’ll sign up with us for the long haul. 

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Free Downloadable SEO Guides

While we don’t plan on charging yet, our free SEO guides are some of our best work yet so get them while you still can! There’s a ton of information online with differing information on SEO best practices, do’s and don’ts of SEO and etc… By giving you free SEO information to download and share, our goal is to help narrow your focus with only the most important facts and information. 

In our 5+ years of experience working in SEO, we’ve seen a lot change in such a short amount of time. But the one thing that won’t change is the language of SEO. From best metrics to track to understanding how and why impressions or clicks rise and fall each month, our free downloadable SEO guides will give you all the tools you need to understand the practice of search engine optimization. 

Here’s an example of everything we cover in our free SEO guides:

  • What Metrics to Track
    • Keywords, GSC data, GA4 data
  • The benefits of Non-branded traffic
  • SEO Terms
  • Full Breakdown of SEMRush
  • How to pitch SEO with SEMRush

The list goes on and on! And mentioned above, these are currently free SEO guides to download that will help you build your SEO knowledge exponentially. We can’t promise you’ll be a master right away but by following our free downloadable guides you’ll advance your understanding quickly!

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Free SEO Services for a month

If you run a business and cost effective marketing solutions are key, you’ve come to the right place. For a limited time, Project Birdie is offering one month of free SEO services. That not only includes a free website audit, but it includes free copywriting, free technical solutions and free SEO strategy. What’s the catch? 

There is none. We’re so sure you’ll love our SEO that you’ll sign up for more. 

Here’s a breakdown of what’s included with our one month of free SEO services:

  • Free website audit
  • Free short-term SEO strategy 
  • Free Copywriting services
  • Free technical SEO overview

All you have to do to is reach out to us at Info@project-birdie.com and let us know when you’d like to start. From there we’ll start your website audit and begin rolling out your first free month of SEO services including all of the above listed items. No catch. No hidden fees. Just good SEO that guarantees more clicks and more conversions.

Sam Inden

Sam Inden

Sam is the founder and lead writer at Project Birdie. He has over 5+ years of hands on SEO experience and over 10 years of web design history. He loves disc golf, seltzer, his dogs and warm weather

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