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If you’re a new small business in Richmond, VA or anywhere in the world, Local SEO is paramount to generating more business and getting potential customer to walk through your doors (or enter your website.) Local SEO allows you to target where your customers live, essentially powering up your digital presence. Without, your organic marketing strategy would get lost in the sea of other Google searches happening across the world.

Let’s take a quick look below at the difference between Local SEO vs. “Regular SEO”

Local SEO vs. Regular SEO

Regular SEO:

  • Targets a global or national audience.
  • Focuses on broad keywords and phrases related to the industry or niche.
  • Aims to improve overall website visibility and rankings on search engine results pages (SERPs).
  • Utilizes strategies like keyword optimization, content creation, link building, and technical SEO enhancements.
  • Helps businesses reach a wide range of potential customers across different regions or countries.
  • Does not prioritize location-specific targeting or local business listings. (This is key to understanding Local vs. Regular SEO!!!)

Local SEO:

  • Geared towards specific geographic locations, such as cities, regions, or neighborhoods.
  • Emphasizes local keywords and phrases, including location-based terms (e.g., “best beer in Scott’s Addition”).
  • Enhances visibility for local businesses on Google Maps, local pack results, and geo-targeted search queries.
  • Involves optimizing Google My Business (GMB) profiles, local directories, and citations.
  • Facilitates higher visibility among nearby potential customers searching for local products or services.

What are the important takeaways from the above?

  • Local SEO gets you recognized where it matters most
  • A local strategy gets you ranked on Local Pack results, which can be more powerful than general SERP listings.
  • Regular SEO strategy involves a national (or international) scope. Local allows you to pinpoint customers without the use of Digital Advertising.
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Here's a look at why Local SEO on Google is so important. More and more people trust the top results from Google in their local area when shopping.

What Businesses Need Local SEO?

Let’s first look at businesses that wouldn’t need local SEO. These are the businesses that are national and international brands that don’t necessarily have local, brick and mortar sales points. For example:

  • Amazon
  • Nike
  • Microsoft
  • IBM

You can see the trend from above. None of the companies listed above technically want any local business at all. If they do, it’s likely for a branch of their business that does retail like an Apple store, a Nike Factory Outlet or the like. Those are businesses on a larger scale that would need local SEO.

If you’re doing local SEO in Richmond, VA or anywhere in the world, you’re probably a smaller brick and mortar store with similar, local competition. For example, the Answer Brew Pub. There is a lot of competition in the brewery space in Richmond, VA as well as in the whole state of Virginia. So, how would a brewery like the Answer stay ahead of the competition? Local SEO! Here are a few examples of what they can do to facilitate more visits to their website and brew pub:

  • Blogging, focusing on local keywords (i.e. use their location often in the copy)
  • Keeping directories up to date, like an UnTappd since this is a brewery
  • Make sure GMB is up to date with recent posts and updated hours

By doing these three things, the Answer would dominate SEO for breweries in Richmond, VA. If you’re a business owner, take some points from this article and utilize them in your own local SEO strategy. Or give us a shout!


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