Introducing Project Birdie’s Founder, Sam Inden

There’s a new marketing firm in town—Project Birdie, an SEO and Marketing company led by Sam Inden. Let’s take a quick peek into Sam’s journey and the basics of Project Birdie.

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A Quick Background

Sam dived into SEO over five years ago, learning the ropes by building websites and handling SEO for small businesses. His experience also includes time working in marketing agencies, giving him a well-rounded view of the digital game. No grandeur, just hands-on learning. 

But Sam’s not just a numbers guy. With over eight years in creative film and video production, he brings a storytelling touch to SEO. Project Birdie’s approach isn’t just about tech stuff or filling a boring article with keywords; it’s about creating stories that click with audiences. 

As of 2024, Project Birdie is a newbie, and Sam’s cool with that. He sees it as a chance to learn and grow with every project. No flashy promises, just an honest desire to contribute to client success stories and build on the idea he currently has. 

Project Birdie’s core idea is simple: get to the heart of each brand. Sam wants SEO strategies that work hand in hand with what makes each client unique. By focusing on what people really want coupled with marketing designed around brand’s personalities, Project Birdie aims to build connections, not just transactions.

Honesty and open communication are Sam’s go-to tools. In the dynamic digital world, being upfront builds trust. Google is changing constantly and so are the digital markets. 

Project Birdie is a straightforward SEO company. Sam and his team are here to keep things simple, learn, and make a positive impact, step by step. Reach out if you’d like to talk SEO or are interested in trying our free website audit!

Sam currently lives in Richmond, VA with his beautiful wife and their two dogs, Juniper and Zephyr. If you’re in town, let’s get a beer!

Sam Inden

Sam Inden

Sam is the founder and lead writer at Project Birdie. He has over 5+ years of hands on SEO experience and over 10 years of web design history. He loves disc golf, seltzer, his dogs and warm weather

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