SEO for Dentists

SEO for Dentsits

In the world of marketing for the medical profession, SEO for Dentists remains a pillar for those in the business of healthy teeth! By maximizing your visibility on Google, businesses in dentistry can attract new clientele while keeping their current customers informed of new happenings on their website. Local SEO for Dentists can also place your practice at the top of the map pack in your specific location. Continue to read further to see how your team can grow your rankings and visibility on Google!

Tips for Better Dentist Local SEO 

Let’s use Project Birdie’s hometown of Richmond, VA to look at how your dentistry can maximize Local SEO. Here are a few pointers to help grow your local online presence.

  1. Know your competition

By knowing where you stand amongst your competitors, you can try and understand what strategies may increase your chances of ranking where you want. Let’s look at a map pack to understand bettering your local SEO for dentists.

Richmond, VA Dentist Map Pack

      2. Reviews

The most important thing to note when looking at these local results provided above is the reviews. Google loves when customers leave a review – it makes their product more relevant and of higher quality when compared to competitors like Yelp. While reviews aren’t the only thing keeping your dentist local SEO from thriving, it does play a part.

      3. Verification

Google won’t show your dentist office unless you go through the new verification process. Often, it is as easy as recording a video of your location and internal business but sometimes can be more complicated. By verifying your dentist office you’re helping customers know you care in an ever growing digital world. 

General SEO Practices for Dentists

While all three of the above tips will help your Dentist practice grow its rankings on Google, you also need to build a solid foundation as well. Local SEO is directly affected by general SEO. Without a good Dentists website, your local rankings will suffer. In fact, many of the top local rankings also rank highly on the general SERP (Search Engine Results Page) rankings. Here’s a few tips to focus on that will result in instant fast improvements:

  1. Write Researched Copy
    1. Update old copy
    2. Create more copy regularly
  2. Update the Meta Descriptions on your website
  3. Organize and clean your website
    1. Remove any duplicate content
  4. Make sure your pages have internal links
  5. Add pricing to your website
    1. Google wants clarity!
A bird in a dentist chair

Consolidating All this Information on SEO for Dentists

We’ve learned a lot. Hopefully your team doesn’t have a ton to do but if it does and you’re overwhelmed, reach out to us today for a free audit and we can help you out! Local SEO is time consuming to master but it works when you’re looking to attract new customers. Make sure to couple it with a good website and an awesome marketing strategy and you’ll be improving your rankings on Google in no time!


Sam Inden

Sam Inden

Sam is the founder and lead writer at Project Birdie. He has over 5+ years of hands on SEO experience and over 10 years of web design history. He loves disc golf, seltzer, his dogs and warm weather

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