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SEO Services in Richmond, Virginia

Project Birdie is a new marketing firm located in the wonderful city of Richmond, Va. While our services have the potential to help global clients, we still love doing SEO in our home state of Virginia.

Our Values

What Makes Project Birdie's SEO in Richmond, VA Special?

Richmond is a diverse business landscape. It’s one of the leading cities for female owned business, it’s packed to the gills with companies downtown and it’s a powerhouse in biotech and the medical fields. By providing SEO services in Richmond we can help grow some of the best businesses in the whole state of Virginia!

Work Ethic

You would do anything for your business. So would we. That's why we want our Local SEO in Richmond, VA to work as hard as you.


We love having conversations. It's the best way to build trust and grow relationships. We not only work hard day by day, but we do our best to be responsive and available anytime your team needs us.

Data Driven

Using Local SEO in Virginia is about numbers. We love using analytic backed research to drive the best strategies forward. Data is part of our DNA at Project-Birdie.

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What We Do Best

We’re Dedicated to Your Business Success

Here’s a brief overview of how we like to work and what you can expect from our SEO in Richmond, VA

1. Let's grab a coffee

Communication is key when it comes to creating good local SEO in Richmond. We’d love to hear about what makes your company tick and how that sets you apart.

2. Strategy for you

Every great success has always started with great strategy. Many companies offer you their carbon-copy strategy that they rarely tweak with your name on it – we give you a 100% personalized SEO strategy that’s designed for only your company.    

3. Success is our guarantee

At Project Birdie we track the KPIs that make sense and we deliver. Are you a retailer? Let’s track keywords related to your products? Is your business in holding events or simply gaining more views? Our strategy can guarantee you’ll see more visits and more eyes on your website. 

4. Longevity over everything

Google changes all the time. Our full service SEO makes your website a staple on SERPs. Not just a flash in the pan before Google changes their algorithm once more. Our local SEO in Richmond, VA guarantees you’ll relevant in your market, no matter what Google throws at their algorithm. 

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