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Conversion Driven SEO & Marketing Tools

Project Birdie is a focused and well rounded SEO and marketing team located in Richmond, Virginia. Our mission is to help grow your brand while expanding your conversion and traffic possibilities.  

Full Scope SEO

SEO is about website architecture. We help you structure your website from the ground up from website organization, health and speed, copywriting and beyond.

Full Scope SEO

Our full scope sports SEO gives your team the power to build the most powerful version of your website. 


Already have a team of copywriters or developers and just need help with your marketing direction?


The leadership at Project Birdie has over 10+ years of marketing and creative experience to help guide your strategy to success!


Project Birdie gives your SEO a boost with our copywriting and content creation.


Based off of data-backed, research driven keywords, our copywriting targets the customers you want to convert more sales.

Backlink Creation

Backlinks are key to gaining more authority on Google and across the web.

Backlink Creation

Let our team give your website the boost it needs with the right kind of backlinks!

Top SEO Facts

Good SEO should mean good website architecture. Without the proper foundation you risk your organic interest crumbling, causing the loss of sales and conversions. Google is constantly changing and updating their algorithm to better serve the needs of customers around the globe. Project Birdie offers your company the opportunity to not only keep up with Google and consumer markets’ trends, but to be an industry leader. 

SEO Results Have Monetary Value

Keywords Value = Volume x Difficulty. The better and higher you rank for high value keywords, the greater your SEO's monetary value is.

Google is an Advertising Company

Standing out is king. Google is an advertising platform; They want to showcase exceptional websites, not just ones with the most content. 

SEO Results are Long Lasting

SEO promises long term results. Google Adwords offers momentary keyword success with high CPC.

Optimize Your Website for Maximum Growth

Our SEO provides results. That’s why we offer comprehensive reporting and an open line of communication no matter what digital product you choose with Project Birdie. In the age of information overload, clarity and dependability are key. 

Building SEO around your business:

Implementation: Collaboration is Key

The start of any good relationship is communication. We want to get to know your brand and what makes you standout. At the end of the day, what makes your brand special is why customers choose you. Buy having a clearer understanding of your brand and mission, we can devise a game plan to create long-term SEO success. 

Research: Keywords, Competition and the Market

Crafting an effective SEO plan isn’t easy. At Project Birdie we take research seriously and utilize it in every decision we make. By analyzing the competition we can create a baseline for success. With that research we can make smart, data-driven decisions when building out content and structuring your website. 

Analyze: Results and Beyond

Market dominance and search engine success is just the start of your SEO journey with Project Birdie. While focusing on the present helps bring in customers, taking aim at the future can help push metrics beyond your wildest dreams. We work hard to avoid stagnancy and to keep up with changing market demands and Google algorithm updates. 

Clients We've Helped:

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