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Reasons Why SEO is Effective

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There's a Reason Why Top Companies Trust SEO

It Produces Long Lasting Results

Fast-paced results often lead to fast-paced burnout. Don’t thrive in the short-term without planning ahead for the future. SEO effectively creates a safe space for your company in the long-term so you can focus on the present.

It Produces the Highest ROI

Marketing is expensive. Almost $300 Billion is spent on it each year in the U.S. alone. We hate to see companies overspend and often many agencies will take advantage of overblown costs for products that don’t really work. Our SEO works and saves you money.

Lower Ad Spending

Increase Site Traffic

More Sales & Conversions

Long Term Results

Better User Interface

Project Birdie is an SEO company on a mission to help companies lower ad spending. SEO is a proven, long-term strategy that helps business increase their digital footprint at a fixed rate. With Project Birdie’s SEO plans, spending budgets don’t increase due to demand and clicks don’t cost more. 

Often, companies with a strong SEO strategy in place will get most of their online traffic organically. Combined with the rest of your teams marketing strategy, traffic from returning and new visitors will soar with Project Birdie’s SEO. 

Not only will a strong SEO plan lower ad spending and drive more traffic to your site, but will boost sales and conversions! With more customers finding your website naturally, rather than through sponsored links, you’ll find an increase in interested and quality traffic. Project Birdie helps you design and build pages that are made to convert traffic.  

Good SEO equals long term results. Ad spending is both expensive and limited to the short-term. Project Birdie designs pages and blogs that build quality keywords and a better user interface that last. Our vision is set on the future and helping your team build a website that drives in customers for years, not just months.  

In the current market, products and services are available nearly everywhere. Project Birdie helps your team show why your business is the best business for the job, no matter what product you’re advertising. Our U/X improvements include CTA placement, website speed and overall site structure. 

At Project Birdie, we thrive on open communication—it’s ingrained in our mission to elevate our marketing standards. Feel free to reach out; we’d love to chat about any questions or concerns you might have regarding SEO and its integration into your current digital marketing strategy. From our extensive experience, we’ve found that SEO seamlessly complements Digital Advertising, Social Media, and other advertising channels. When executed effectively, SEO not only reduces overall costs but also enhances your brand’s impact across various marketing campaigns.

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SEO for Dentsits

SEO for Dentists

n the world of marketing for the medical profession, SEO for Dentists remains a pillar for those in the business of healthy teeth! By maximizing your visibility on Google, businesses in dentistry can attract new clientele while keeping their current customers informed of new happenings on their website.

SEO for Coffee Shops!

Brewing Up Local SEO for Coffee Shops

SEO is a powerful tool to get your name recognized on Google more often. In its best form, proper local SEO can be like paying top dollar for premium billboards and digital displays. If done well, you’ll be able to showcase your name in all the areas you might pay digital advertising bucks for but for much, much less.

Custom Video for SEO

The Importance of Custom Video in SEO

Businesses are now incorporating custom video content into their SEO strategy and it has proven to be highly effective. But does adding video help SEO articles, and why is using video for SEO so important?

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